Quality Assurance

All our staff are fully trained in boning, trimming and packing meat. Stock rotation is also very important and every member of staff has a “Basic Food Hygiene” Certificate and have had a full medical to be able to handle meat.

In 1996 we had a semi-automated boning line installed so the meat can be processed and boxed or bagged in less time. The boning area and packing room are all temperature controlled and does not exceed 11°c, keeping the meat well below the required 7°c.

The jowl/cheek meat then goes onto a de-rinder which takes off 90% of the rind, the rest is trimmed by hand ensuring a good clean, bone-free product ready to use for sausage meat.

We only source our meat from British Abattoirs who are all EU Registered. We pick up the meat in refrigerated vehicles 24 hours after slaughter. We probe every container to make sure the temperature is below the required 5°c.

To ensure the meat is kept as fresh as possible, the customer can have it vacuum packed or blast frozen in a blue poly-lined box. We have a HACCP in place which ensures full traceability and our latest HAS score was 95. All our staff are supplied with clean overalls daily and the butchers are given chain mail gloves and aprons to ensure their safety at all times.

We only use EC registered meat.