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Allison Butchers was opened in 1978 by two brothers, Raymond and David.

At Allison Butchers, we supply 100% British boneless pork products to all sized businesses. We bone, prepare and pack your product perfectly so it will keep well at your end.

All our pork is collected with our own transport 24 hours after kill, and prepared for you within 48 hours, ensuring you the freshest meat.

We don't do multiple drops, always working direct from our wholesalers. So you get the best quality.

Historically, we were a deep freeze centre who made all our own burgers, faggots, cooked meat and sausages.

But the decline of the deep freeze trade saw a niche market for supplying raw meat for the sausage industry. We quickly grew from a small business to one employing nine full time staff and turning over half a million pounds a year.